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Home network

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House conduit diagram, made with Coggle

Our house has a lot of coax and telephone outlets, with conduit in the wall connecting them. I don't have any use for these outlets, so I plan to re-purpose the wall boxes and conduit for Ethernet cables.

First I had to figure out how the conduit in the wall was laid out — then plan how to use this with my planned Ethernet runs. To visualize it, I made a map in Coggle.

As luck would have it — the basement stairwell gives excellent access to pretty much the whole house.

It shares walls with:

  • the living room, where the TV will be located
  • the entrance, where a coax and telephone junction box is located, which gives access to the play room and 2. floor living room
  • the outside main door, if I want some CCTV cameras or smart doorbell in the future.

From the basement stairwell ceiling it's possible to get into a closet on the 2. floor, which again gives access to the attic.

And of course it's easy to get from the basement stairwell into my new home office.


Ethernet runs

East outside wall and 2. floor living room

I'm planning on putting an access point outside in the east wall. This is my plan to get there:

  • Through the outer wall, into an inner wall in the playroom
  • I should be able to get the cable though an access panel for the outside tap water
  • From there to the coax wall outlet
  • And use the conduit to the to the entrance junction box
  • Drill a hole though that junction box to get to to basement stairwell

Since the conduit from the 2. floor living room ends up in the same conduit — I'll make an Ethernet run there as well.

Access points

Access point Location 2.4 Ghz 5 Ghz Generation
UAP-AC-PRO Hallway 450 1300 2 (AC Wave 1)
UAP-AC-LITE Home office 300 867 2 (AC Wave 1)
UAP-AC-M Garage 300 867 2 (AC Wave 1)
UAP-AC-M-PRO Outdoor 450 1300 2 (AC Wave 1)
UAP-AC-IW Den 300 867 2 (AC Wave 1)