Inter-Tech IPC 4U-4416 server case

From CaveLab
Inter-Tech IPC 4U-4416 mounted in homelab rack
4U, 688mm

Computers with this case


  • Lots of space!
  • 5x120mm fans included.
  • Center fans are hot swappable.
  • 2x4 2.5" disk bays.
  • Was able to replace the stock fans with Noctua.


  • Stock fans are loud (but move a lot of air).
  • The 5.25 rail mechanism feels a bit cheap and flimsy.
  • Had a hard time attaching 2x80mm Noctua fans. Had to grind off a screw mount on the case and modify one of the Noctua fans.
  • Break-away expansion slot cover plates.
  • The backplane felt slightly misaligned on the right side, disk did not go in as smooth as I would have liked.
    • I was able to fix this by loosening the backplanes, and re-tighten while the drives were installed.
  • Screws for mounting drives in the trays are really short.
  • Found a loose part in one of the drive trays?!