LED dot light, quadruple

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These lights were taken down when I moved out of my first apartment.
LED light 4

This LED light consists of four high intensive 10mm LEDs. Together they emit 40 lumen of warm white color and used 320mA. By filling glue in the wire hole and around the LEDs, this module can me made semi waterproof. It's also possible to manufacture them in aluminum. The boxes has mounting brackets and are simple to attach to a flat surface. The light beam is 50°, perfect for illumination for porches, garage door, tool shed etc. Made with internal resistors to run on 5V.

The power LEDs are bought at: LED Shop


Parts list

Qty. Part
3 × Enclosure, plastic (1591 FL), 100x50x25mm, flange
1 × Fuse 5x20 mm, 800 mA, fast-acting
1 × Fuse holder, panel, 5x20mm, PTF30
8 × LED 10mm clear, White (warm), 3.4V, 80mA, 10lm, 50°
1 × LED 5mm, Red, 2.0V, 20mA
1 × LED holder 5mm, Black plastic
1 × Power jack, panel, 2.1mm, plastic housing
1 × Resistor, carbon film, 0.25W, 330 Ω, 5%
8 × Resistor, metal film, 0.6W, 22 Ω, 1%
1 m Wire, stranded, 2-cores, 0.50mm2, Grey