LED light using 1W Prolight LED

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Prolight LED on heat-sink

Powerful white LED mounted on a heat-sink, in this case a Prolight LED. It emits a total of 25 lumen in 140 degrees, and uses 15 times more power then a regular LED. The light intensity is equal to a 5 to 10W bulb. This LED light could e.g. replace the bulb in a small lamp for closets, staircases etc.


Parts list

Qty. Part
1 × AC adapter, 5 V=, 800 mA, 2.1mm jack, SMPS
1 × Heat conducting film for heatsink, Adhesive, TO220
1 × Heatsink Prolight, 50x48x17mm, size 2
1 × LED Prolight, White, 1W, 3.55V, 350mA, 25lm, 140°
1 × Power jack, panel, 2.1mm, plastic housing
1 × Resistor, metal film, 1W, 5.1 Ω, 5%
2 × Spacer, round unthreaded, 3mm, Ø6mm, Delrin