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Logistics system

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This page is currently a draft. Please check back later for additional changes.
Screen shot of parts list

My logistics system is how I keep track of all my parts and projects, I am pretty lost without it. I do plan to open-source it at some points, first I just have to make sure that I haven't left any secrets in there somewhere...

Since this tool was never meant to be public, it's extremely tailored to my needs and usage. And it's not really build for a lot of traffic.

I'd also like to upgrade it to the latest Laravel and Elasticsearch, but it's been pretty far down on my todo list...

I've written a bunch of software projects over the years, but this is my longest running single project. It is a complete rewrite of a previous logistics system that goes back ever further, with the old data migrated.



  • Parts
    • Inventory management
      • Stock
      • Location
      • Suggests purchase if stock below reorder point
    • Suppliers
    • Revision history
    • Images
    • Links
    • Documentation
  • Projects
    • Complete part lists
    • Project planning, stock vs. required
    • Schematics
    • Revision history
    • Images
    • Links
    • Documentation
    • Integration with my MediaWiki website
      • Produces the json files used to render the parts list on this website
  • Orders
    • Incoming
    • Adjustment
    • Outgoing
  • Locations
    • Lists empty locations
    • Nested locations
  • Network nodes
    • Creates and keeps track of node IDs
    • Relation with project
    • Queryable over API