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From CaveLab

This website owned and operated by me, Thomas. This is where I write about things that I learn, build and find interesting. Say hi!

Web stack

Web stack layout

Apps and scripts


See the Special:Version page for version and extension information.

Running cost

So what does it cost per month to keep a website like this going?

Service What Cost
Hetzner Cloud VPS $13 [cost 1]
Plausible Privacy-focused web analytics $4
Domeneshop Domain name $1
updown.io Website monitoring $0.5
Cloudflare DNS $0
Report-URI Real-time reporting $0
YouTube Video hosting $0
Grand total $18.5
  1. CX31

Domain name

September 2020 the domain was changed again — this time to cavelab.dev.

I've been using the uCtrl name for this site for a long time... I first got the domain uctrl.net back in 2009, uctrl.org in 2017, and uctrl.dev in 2019. The "u" represents both μ (micro) and you, "ctrl" is of course control.

Late 2019 I decided to change it to stdout.no (stdout meaning Standard Output — "the default file descriptor where a process can write output.") There was a few reasons for this;

  • I really liked it; it is short and sweet, and was available.
  • The standard output definition fits very well with what this site is; a dumping ground for my projects, notes and thoughts.
  • I wanted a .no domain, as they are handled by the Norwegian state-owned non-profit organization Norid.


Here are some blogs that I have looked to for inspiration;