Moving to a new house

From CaveLab
I'm made a dedicated page for tracking progress of the new home office.
This page is currently a draft. Please check back later for additional changes.

So we bought a new house — now to disassemble and pack everything and move into it. I'll be taking photos of the moving process of the home office, homelab and electronics lab.

Disassembling home office

First everything has to come down, to make the home office presentable on the sales photos and during the open house.

Homelab changes

To make the move easier I am making several changes to my homelab and its services. Also — there is no fiber available in the new house, so I have to rethink what services to host at home... :(

Looks like there is a chance that they will do another fiber run in my area! :D

Services I can not do without are moved to a VPS:

A few things have been turned off or disabled:

  • Unbound DNS server, using dnsmasq on the Edgerouter instead
  • CCTV server, all cameras have been taken down anyways

All LXC containers on Alpha have been moved to Epsilon, Alpha will be shut down for now and probably be used as my desktop computer or a dedicated media server in the future. I'm thinking Epsilon will be easier to get back up in the new house, since it has a small form factor. Also; the load is pretty light without the CCTV server.

Moving the Homelab

Moving the electronics lab