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New home office, lab and server room/Heat pump

From CaveLab
This project is a work in progress. Please check back later for additional changes.
Outside unit getting installed

One of the first things I am getting installed is an heat pump. In my previous home office I had an exhaust ventilation system and a portable AC, but it wasn't ideal. The exhaust system worked fine in the winter months, but I had to use the portable AC in the summer. And those things are noisy! And since they exhaust the hot air out, new air needs to be brought in, and in the summer that air is hot and humid. So it was pretty inefficient. The ducts and portable AC also took up quite a lot of space...

Previous home office temperature, early May

The heat-pump can both heat and cool. So I just set a temperature and it takes care of the rest. They are quiet and I don't need to open valves and switch between exhaust and AC based on the outside temperature.


  1. Figure out where to mount the indoor unit
  2. Core drill hole for coolant fluid pipes
  3. Paint wall and ceiling
  4. Install the actual heat pump system
  5. Install electrical outlet for unit
  6. Profit!

Core drilling