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Solid state relay for fan control

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Solid state relay for fan control

The first fan controller I built for the man cave used a solid state relay, controlled by a Raspberry Pi. I've done a lot with the ventilation since...


Parts used

Qty. Part
0.1 m DIN-rail, 500x35x7.5 mm
1 × Enclosure, plastic (waterproof), 70x50x65mm, clear
1 × Relay, solid state, single phase, 3-32V, 0.1-10A 24-280 VAC
1 × Terminal block, DIN, end bracket, WEW35/2 screw
1 × Terminal block, DIN, ground, WPE2.5, max 4mm2
1 × Terminal block, DIN, row, WDU2.5, max 4mm2, 24A 800V