Warning lights with 10mm LEDs

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This car I used these warning lights on has been scrapped.
LED warning lights

This LED lights consists of two or three high intensive 10mm LEDs. They emit a total of 16 or 24 lumen of optional color and uses 160 or 240mA. The light beam is 50°. By filling glue in the wire hole and around the LEDs, this module can me made semi waterproof. It's also possible to manufacture them in aluminum. To make the LED warning lights flash you need a controller, like Warning lights unit.

The power LEDs are bought at: LED Shop


Parts list

Qty. Part
2 × Enclosure, plastic (1551), 60x35x20mm
2 × Enclosure, plastic (1551), 80x35x20mm
10 × LED 10mm clear, Yellow, 2.1V, 80mA, 8lm, 40°
10 × Resistor, metal film, 1W, 150 Ω, 5%
4 × Terminal block, pluggable, 3.5 mm, 2-pin screw female
1 m Wire, stranded, 0.22mm2, Black
4 m Wire, stranded, 0.22mm2, Grey
1 m Wire, stranded, 0.22mm2, White
4 m Wire, stranded, 0.22mm2, Yellow