Warning lights with 10mm LEDs

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This car I used these warning lights on has been scrapped.
LED warning lights

Four self-made LED warning lights, with yellow 10mm high-intensity LEDs.


Four very simple LED warning lights, with a total of 10 LEDs; 2x2 and 2x3. The yellow LEDs have four chips, making them pretty bright. And with a 40 degree light beam they are quite visible, even more so at a distance. So they make pretty good warning lights. Powered by: 12-13.8V.

By hot-gluing the resistors, LED, wire hole and around lid they can easily be made water-proof. For seven years I had two mounted in front of my old car, getting hammered by with water, snow and salt. Never had any problems with them.

These warning LED lights do not have any electronics to make them flash or strobe, they need to be driven by a controller; like this one: Warning strobe light controller, dual channel.


Parts list

Qty. Part
2 × Enclosure, plastic (1551), 60x35x20mm
2 × Enclosure, plastic (1551), 80x35x20mm
10 × LED 10mm clear, Yellow, 2.1V, 80mA, 8lm, 40°
10 × Resistor, metal film, 1W, 150 Ω, 5%
4 × Terminal block, pluggable, 3.5 mm, 2-pin screw female
1 m Wire, stranded, 0.22mm2, Black
4 m Wire, stranded, 0.22mm2, Grey
1 m Wire, stranded, 0.22mm2, White
4 m Wire, stranded, 0.22mm2, Yellow