Productivity tools

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Here are some notes and thoughts about productivity tools.


Tools used

  • Todoist
  • Asana
  • Nirvana
  • Meistertask
  • Notion
  • Todoist


  • Clickup
  • Kanboard
  • Taskwarrior


Todo List
All the stuff you "must" do -- commitments, obligations, things that have to be done.
Watch List
All the stuff going on in your life that you have to follow up on, wait for someone else to get back to you on, remind yourself of in the future, or otherwise remember.
Later List
Everything else -- everything you might want to do or will do when you have time or wish you could do.

If it doesn't go on one of those three lists, it goes away.


  • P1 — Must finish.
  • P2 — Nice to have.
  • P3 — Finish if there is time available.
  • P4 — Unnecessary. These may have snuck in through your task inventory. Delete them now.

Task manager

Don't try to set up the "final" task managing system from the start. Because you have no idea yet what your system should look like. Don't set up many TODO states and logging initially, before you actually have a feeling for what you working flow is. Don't define a context tag "@computer" just because David Allen has one, even though you are sitting at a computer all the time anyway! Start by creating and managing a small TODO list and then develop your own system as the needs arises. I wrote Org-mode to enable this development process. Source:




  • invoice
  • receipt
  • support
  • promotional
  • newsletter
  • contact
  • report
  • info



  • Outline
    • Structure, simplicity and compartmentalize information.
  • Cornell
    • Fully understand subject, Encourages reflection and clarifications.
  • Mind-mapping
    • Visual learners, minimal note-taking, see how things are connected.
  • Charting
    • Speed and efficiency, cut down on writing, keep it tidy.
  • Sentence
    • For beginners, requiring no prep work. Probably required review after.

Tools used

  • Markdown and Gitea
  • Notion
  • Emacs orgmode


  • Standard notes
  • Google Keep