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Me, in front of a computer
Panoramic view of home office

I’m a father of three sons, the oldest two being twins. I live with my kids and girlfriend in Norway. I’m in my mid-30s and find computers with Linux, electronics and home automation things pretty fascinating. I’m also a big fan of red wine, Whisky, and cigars.

Between work and family, there isn’t a lot of time left. I use it mostly in my home office/man-cave. A 10.5 m2 (113 ft2) room in the basement, where I tinker with my homelab and electronics projects. I try to write about it.

If you enjoy my writings — there is a Atom feed link on the recent changes page.

OS of choice

  • Workstations: Arch Linux
  • Server: Ubuntu
  • Mobile: Android

My gear

The homelab and electronics lab have dedicated pages.

Web presence

Contact info

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My story

The beginning

My parents will tell you that my interest in computers and electronics started pretty early on. I find blinkenlights fascinating and always have… When I was 5, or 6, I got an Amstrad PC, and a bunch of cassette tapes, yes cassette tapes, with games. It was with this that I got started programming, in basic.

When I was 9, I started building a cycle trolley with a car battery, lights, and switches. Which I dragged around and improved for years until it eventually became “uncool.”

The year after, in 1993, the family got an x86 PC, with a color monitor and dot matrix printer. It was awesome; I stopped playing outside after that…

Me, in front of the family computer in 1993

On my own

I moved into my own apartment and started to build AVR microcontroller modules in my early 20’s, and it quickly became an obsession. I put them all into a control cabinet that controlled the apartment, and monitored itself; every voltage level, fuse, and module had some kind of monitoring and alert system. After a few years, it had gotten pretty big.

I went to school for two years and improved my electronics skills. After I graduated, I sold the apartment and bought a house.

Family man

After living on my own in the house for about two years, I met my girlfriend. We dated for a short while, then we rented an apartment and moved in together in her hometown. Almost a year later the twins were born — hectic times and not a lot of time for projects. In 2014, when the twins were about a year old, we bought the house where we still live.

I called dibs on a room in the basement, where I am sitting now; typing this. It’s my combined home office, man-cave, workshop, electronics lab, and server room. 10.5 m2 (113 ft2) of pure awesomeness!

In 2018 our youngest son was born, and the family was complete. I try ever so gently to push the kids towards the right interests of course; it seems to be working.